PowerShell.asia Roundup

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting at a tiny craft beer bar in Penang Lane, Singapore. Last night was the conclusion of the first PowerShell.asia summit, held over two days at Microsoft’s premises in Singapore, overlooking Marina Bay and the Formula One racetrack.

It’s a brand new conference, and as such there were varied expectations. However the conference delivered in spades.

With a strong focus on the future of the windows platform and the industry as a whole, we were treated to a stellar lineup of speakers from all over the globe, including a keynote delivered over remote linkup by Jeffrey Snover, the father of PowerShell and current architect of all things server over in Redmond. When Jeffrey was taken on a virtual tour of the venue and saw the view, there were audible gasps of despair that he hadn’t got on a plane and just headed over.

Right off the bat we were into a smorgasbord of superb content, ranging from Desired State Configuration through Pester unit testing to git and SharePoint automation, delivered by some true talents of the industry,┬áthere was something for everyone. I even got to sit in on the DevOps panel at the end of day one and pontificate over what I see as the future of unified IT operations going forward. The message: get on the train now, or you’ll be left behind. DevOps is how we deliver software now and companies that don’t get wise to CD, automation, waste hunting and rapid iteration are going to be trampled into the dirt as the rest of us deliver.

I’ll do a few more detailed posts on the takeaways in specific areas, but already the investment is paying off, as a couple of posts I made during the conference may show. But the message is this:

Get it┬ádone. learn git, learn pester, get smart with PowerShell. Automate your deployments, embed yourself with your devs and spend time removing their roadblocks. Read The Phoenix Project. Take it to heart. Iterate faster. Stop doing the boring stuff and make robots to it for you. Scale up, scale out, move faster. Roll forward, don’t be afraid to break things occasionally and make your products better. This is not a zero sum game. Make this happen and everyone wins.

And here’s raising a glass to the next one!

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