Introducing StatusCakeDSC

I recently published a new open source PowerShell project for creating StatusCake checks and contact groups, called – logically enough – StatusCakeDSC.

If you use StatusCake, and you do Infrastructure as Code, then you may be thankful for a nice declarative way to define and manage your checks and groups. For PowerShell users like myself, that declarative syntax is generally DSC.

I happen to use StatusCake for my personal projects, which I’ve been modernising a little of late, and I figured I should just build and publish a nice little DSC resource to do what I need done. The syntax of it is pretty simple, it’s like pretty much every other DSC resource you’ve ever seen. Look

That example creates a test and a contact group. There are more examples over at the repo. There’s also a simple install script, and a little further down the line there’ll be an Octopus Deploy step template and maybe some other goodies.

It’s not production-perfect, but it certainly does the basics. I’ll probably declare it ready in a week or two, at which point I’ll publish it as a package and maybe even wrap it in Chocolatey or PowerShellGet to make it even easier to install.┬áDo feel free to let me know if it’s useful, and drop in PRs if you spot bugs or gaps.

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