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PoSHServer for Fun and Profit (and open-source props)

At my workplace, we use a lot of PowerShell. I mean a lot. I just did a quick script to count lines of PowerShell in my local git repos – admittedly very quick and dirty – and came up with going on for a quarter of a million. 221668 to be exact.

$x=0; gci -recurse -Filter "*.ps*1" | % { $x += (gc $_.FullName).count}; $x

And, of course, we’re a company that’s heavily bought into the API-first philosophy. Or at least the “while we’re rearchitecting, we’re doing the APIs first” philosophy. We deal with incoming and outgoing hooks and API calls a lot.

So it was kind of inevitable that eventually, the DevOps team would buy in to PoSHServer. Continue reading →