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Video interviews from #PSConfAsia have started appearing

PowerShell Magazine have started publishing interviews with speakers and experts from PowerShell.asia. For instance, here’s on with Jaap Brasser, and here’s another with Ben Hodge.

There should be one with your humble author that’ll drop at some point (update: here it is¬†on YouTube and here it is on PowerShell magazine). I really do recommend checking out some of the content from the conference when you can.

While I’m on the subject, the Sydney PowerShell User Group now has a venue – here at Domain‘s workspace in Pyrmont – and will be having IRL meetups from November onwards. Ben will no doubt be calling for submissions shortly, and I’ll be working up some content on topics such as Pester, Octopus Deploy, WMF 5.0 and DevOps in general. If you’re in the area and you use PowerShell – or would like to start using PowerShell – I really recommend you come along.