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1917373_189143987362_3334077_nJust when it seemed my career path was leading me into an insane asylum, I stumbled out of SharePoint and into DevOps. My name is Jason, and I’m a Senior Systems Engineer for Windows DevOps at a well-known Australian property classifieds site.

My career trajectory ran the gamut from Web Designer, to Web Developer, to running a small web dev team and running the office servers on the side, got made a Microsoft MVP (IIS) and then off to escalation support at a very large, rather well-known software company that you’ve probably heard of (and, not coincidentally, had to give up my MVP status).

From there I took a step sideways into SharePoint, did escalation support and field engineering, before putting on a suit and becoming a consultant and architect at a string of different firms, each one as unfulfilling as the last. Finally I fetched up at a Local Government organisation in Sydney, and was knocked sideways from SharePoint into the world of web deployment and automation.

And I discovered I quite liked it, so when my contract ended, I went in search of a JD that had “DevOps” in it.

So now that’s what I do. I run and improve deployments and infrastructure-as-code for Domain, using Windows Powershell, Octopus Deploy, AWS, Visual Studio and a whole swathe of continuous integration and monitoring tools. My team have been called Australian Poster Boys for DevOps. Which is nice.

I speak at meetups, run training sessions and generally evangelise the Windows DevOps thing. It’s kinda fun, it’s kinda hectic and it’s kinda interesting. And there’s sometimes something blog worthy in it.

Which is here this blog comes in. I have a couple of other blogs, but neither of them are particularly suitable for hosting technical content about automated provisioning and deployment, or continuous integration and delivery. Or Pester. So this.


You can find me on twitter as @cloudyopspoet (it’s an anagram) or on my less-clean and less-focused personal account, @drunkenmadman.

I’m available to talk at meetups, conferences and the like, subject to travel and working commitments. Hit me up via Twitter if you want me to come and blather about DevOps in your area.

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